ARTIST TALK | July 6, 2019 3:30 pm
ARTIST RECEPTION TO FOLLOW | July 6, 2019 5:00 pm

Curator's Statement

Sculptor VanZanden returns to Smith & Vallee Gallery for his fourth exhibition. In this body of work VanZanden continues his exploration of the sea, the natural life within it, maritime vessels, and the interplay between modern civilization and the environment. VanZanden’s relationship with the sea takes on a deeply personal trajectory in many of his pieces, focusing on the passing of his best friends Gunther Jose Frank and Sean Mansfield who were lost at sea ten years ago. A self-proclaimed garbage artist, VanZanden works almost exclusively in repurposed materials.

Okazaki’s paintings are intuitive, drawing on Northwest archetypes and revealing the magic of everyday life. Her paintings are often set in the idyllic natural world of the Pacific Northwest, featuring both farmland and the Salish Sea. In Okazaki’s words, “ I paint with a sense of immediacy and wholeness of experience, where the work evolves spontaneously, telling its own story. The act of painting is both a tactile response to the outside world and the telling of a dream narrative, where in both instances images are generated through the language of visual symbols and archetypes that I have assembled over decades of work.”

– Andrew Vallee


Past Exhibits

October 4-27, 2019

Painting with hair picks, meat forks and chopsticks, Joules impresses a sensory memory of natural landscapes. O’Neill presents bold and beautiful textures, laid upon unexpected ceramic form.

September 5-29, 2019

Patty Haller’s colorful and analytical paintings explore the beauty, order and chaos of the northwest forest. Andrew Vallee presents new wood and bronze sculptures, a shift towards representation. Man-made natural objects, derived from the shores of the Samish Bay.

Fledged e
August 2-25, 2019

Kris Ekstrand is presenting her delicately abstracted landscapes and a continuation of her vibrant and energetic portraits of bird nests. Created in her studio on the banks of the Edison Slough in the Skagit Valley. Ekstrand’s paintings walk a line between abstraction and representation, skillfully drifting between the two. Marceil DeLacy presents her hand-carved wooden sculptures, expertly carved and finely finished. Her work makes one contemplate the human connection to the animal world. In this exhibition DeLacy introduces surprising new subject matter.