KIM OBBINK | ANN MORRIS - Smith and Vallee Gallery


EXHIBIT ARTISTS | EXHIBIT DATE |November 5 - 28, 2021

Meet & Greet:
Saturday, November 6th, 2021
3-5 pm

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Artist Statement:
I have been making my Crossing boats for many years and decided to see what would happen if I used my natural materials vertically. Having made several of them they revealed themselves to me as Shelters. In these troubled times we seek a protected place, a surround of safety. Nature is our keeper, and within it we feel a sense of belonging and realize it too needs to be protected. Hopefully these Shelters will bring a sense of peace and contemplation and ease the spirit.


Artist Statement:
My work is a study of the beautiful details found in the botanical and marine life native to Lummi Island, in the gardens we grow, and in our surrounding waters. As a full time resident of both Lummi and Sinclair Islands of the Pacific Northwest, I have spent my time observing and collecting specimens in all stages of their lives. Like us, these delicate life forms change with time and weather with age. Like us, they are part of an intricate and interdependent ecology designed by Mother Nature, each with its own role in preserving its own species and providing sustenance for others.

And all, depend on humans to preserve the environment they need to survive.

I work in watercolor and colored pencil. Oil based colored pencil is my preferred medium as it lends itself well to the fine detail needed for the accuracy of magnified life forms.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California, and a Bachelor of Art from California State University San Bernardino. I recently completed my Certificate in Botanical Illustration from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland. I spent 30 years in digital marketing and executive management and am currently both an executive coach/mentor to private clients and a full time artist.