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Kathleen Faulkner | Jean Behnke


January 7-30, 2022

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Due to the recent snow and flooding we have postponed the Meet & Greet until January 29th, 2022

Meet & Greet:
Saturday, January 29th, 2022
3-5 pm

Kathleen Faulkner

Artist Statement:

My work is about environment and documentation.

Life on earth now is a lot different than when we were younger.  We are paying the price for our over consumption.  Other species, wild places, biospheres are declining. 

I keep track of what is here now in a small portion of a region called the Pacific Northwest.  I miss the abundance of the past but try to live in the moment.   It is less than it was but more than it may be in the future. 

Jean Behnke

Artist Statement:

Making this sculpture often begins with gathered and assembled wood objects, some lending themselves to be cast into bronze.
All of these forms essentially materialize my sense of belonging in the world and concern for the well being of nature. Some forms occupy space in a vertical and totemic way, metaphorically acting as devices, indicators or markers and some have a more animated identity. I make work across mediums with no concern for boundaries of materials. My drawing and printmaking inform my object making and vice versa.

My approach to making art is basically inventive. The start of this process is most often motivated by considering gathered objects, and acting on simple impulses to combine things. What I make in the studio seems to resolve itself on its own terms, somewhere between my intention and lack of it. Although this resolution is not possible to predict, I can place things in some kind of alignment where an authentic work may happen.

Jean Behnke
January, 2022