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About these monotypes:

“On the level of representation, Ekstrand’s new works whisper distant horizons, big skies, and Skagit fields. But, on the deepest level, they are reflections of the artist at play with light and dark, with pure shape, form, and texture. Her monotypes reveal the inherent beauty that pure tonality can offer. They are rich, deep and other-worldly.

Mitchell Albala
An artist, writer and teacher, Albala’s book Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice, is the best-selling landscape painting book in the U.S.

What is a monotype?

Monotype (or monoprint) is a unique combination of painting and printmaking that produces a singular, unique image.

I roll ink onto a zinc or copper plate surface, then use tools, brushes, brayers and rags to develop imagery or wipe it away. The inked/painted image is then transferred from the metal plate to paper by the action of an etching press. A second, lighter impression – a “ghost” image – is often pulled, too.

Then, I often continue on to transfer the image to paper – many times, layering pigment and imagery.

The process results in a luminous surface quality and provocative mark-making that is difficult to achieve in any other medium.

Kris Ekstrand