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Becky Fletcher

Living in this watershed in these watershed times where grief and gratitude merge I
am all questions. What do the shapes of my brushstrokes disclose? How do I make
myself worthy of revealing even a glimpse of what I feel so deeply – so personally
about this watershed – it’s transcendent presence in my awareness – its long
history? How do I make myself worthy of privilege wrested from the communities
that originally belonged to this watershed? How do I make myself worthy of being
part of a continuum of respect and honor? How do I find a place beyond all

Aaron Loveitt

This body of work looks to explore this region through the lens of how our culture
has historically approached the environment as a resource to harvest.
From navigating these watersheds by rail it is apparent that we have made quick work for
short sighted gains. Through this investigation I recognize that this approach and
perhaps even our place here is temporal and also susceptible to the ever transitional
forces of this great ecosystem.

Measured and sculpted from an existing old growth Cedar stump, “Notch”
represents the first cut a Blanchard logger made to fell that once ancient giant.

Following a specific length of the river “The Skagit” aims to express the industrious
rail-based harvesting of this great watershed.

At the headwaters of the Suiattle river was a once proposed gigantic open face
copper pit mine, fortunately halted by the successful activism of this greater
community. “Suiattle Ore” conveys a historic and ongoing resource based
perspective of an otherwise pristine and wild watershed.

In contrast, the railroad rail series portrays an inevitable transition towards a
postindustrial reclamation by the awesome and inherent natural forces within this
landscape: landslide, wind/wave, tectonic shift and the ever-resilient vegetation
that folds it all under.

Outdoors, “Wood, Rock & Rain” celebrates the gesture of a nearby waterfall and a
signature expression of this truly remarkable place.