Meet & Greet:
Saturday July 2, 2022
3-5 pm

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My aim with this new collection of work is to capture what I feel when I’m in the Skagit Valley. My wife and I always say that as we enter the valley from the south on I5 we breath out. It always feels like the stress level decreases and the pace changes. We visit almost every weekend.
The paintings focus on the elements of what we love about the place. Space, light, air, openness and minimalistic landscape. By contrasting middle and foreground details against an expanse of open sky I try to intensify the sense of openness and air, giving the viewer an opportunity to ‘feel’ the scene.
The subjects are drawn almost entirely from real places scattered throughout the valley from Bow to Fir Island. A little artistic license is taken to emphasize a composition here and there but those familiar with the area will no doubt recognize many of the locations.
My painting process involves simple thumbnail sketches to work out my compositions. I always compose the painting in my head and a sketch can help me to recall that mental image. Color palette is established early on with oil sketching onto the canvas, slowly building up layers of paint and details. Reference photos are used only to ensure the accuracy of certain physical structures. The atmosphere of the painting is what I strive for, and for that I rely on memory of the place. How the air feels, the chill or the warmth or the mist or the light. I try to put myself into the scene to strive to capture that sensation.