Jasmine Valandani

la flamme d’ombre | the shadow flame

These new drawings in ink, watercolor and gouache build on an earlier series, form and
formlessness, and develop out of two trans-formative visits to North Africa. Transformation
occurs when the unknown is welcomed, and these works investigate such occasions, both
tentative and consuming.
Through the interplay of figure and ground, the monochrome blacks and shadowy hues invite
entry through shifting surfaces and spaces, with shapes advancing or receding in uncertain
relationship. Here I probe experiences of ground and groundlessness, asking, What might
darkness reveal? What kind of knowing lies in shadow and mystery?
In Morocco I entered and rediscovered the French language. The language revealed more to
me through human connection and embodied sound than mere words. Hidden inside the
sounds of the words flamme (flame) and ombre (shadow) are femme (woman) and homme
(man). Such a union or integration of opposites, some believe, is vital to the path of awakening.
In this spirit these images are offered as objects for contemplation over time, to enter and reenter,
embraced by shadow, attended by light.

AVAILABLE ARTWORKby Jasmine Valandani