Sandra Hearn

I have always loved creating things that make people smile on the inside. I was raised in a creative household and the need to “make” never let go. I have tried my hand at many mediums (and love it all) but my comfort zone is really with painting and illustration. I studied Fine Art and Museum Studies in college and have had many different careers over the years. (Some that involved making art, and some that did not.)

My current landscape paintings move between abstract and representational, depicting not only what I see but what I feel when I am out in the fresh air. People who are drawn to my work enjoy a sense of calm and often call it “soothing”. I am thrilled with this response and continue to keep it as my North Star.

I live in Seattle, Washington with my amazing husband and two kids. If you want to know my general life philosophy, it basically boils down to the power of positive thinking. It is really one of the few things in life we have complete control over and the easiest way to find joy in life.


Exhibits with Sandra Hearn