Linda Okazaki - Smith and Vallee Gallery

Linda Okazaki

At this point, I paint with a sense of immediacy and wholeness of experience, where the work evolves spontaneously, telling its own
story. The act of painting is both a tactile response to the outside world and the telling of a dream narrative, where in both instances images are
generated through the language of visual symbols and archetypes that I have assembled over decades of work. Often I don’t know what my paintings convey until the work is finished and the meaning reveals itself. If the work is created with vigor and authenticity, I can trust that it will not only actualize my own vision, but resonate with others who are searching for meaning in their surroundings.
Artificial intelligence is concerned with imitating human patterns to the point of being indistinguishable from nature. My concern lies in the realm of creativity, where our human intelligence interacts with and interprets the environment to understand our place in it. The Northwest is an idyllic place, where we enjoy the bounty of our fragile Salish Sea, waterways and farms – fish, clams, oysters, agriculture. For me, painting these subjects is a way of consuming the beauty in an honorific manner. My hope is to make images that capture the unspoken significance of our environments, bringing elements the fantastical into the tableaus of everyday objects, and revealing the magic that is often hidden from our rational minds.