Maria Wickwire

Maria Wickwire is something of a late bloomer. Artistic since childhood, she channeled her creativity through writing poetry and her calling as a teacher, only discovering her passion for sculpture in mid-life. While living in Portland, OR, she showed her work in various galleries and had a public art piece purchased by the City of Lake Oswego as the People’s Choice Award Winner in their Gallery Without Walls. She was also featured on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat. Since moving to the Skagit Valley, Maria has shown at the Perry and Carlson Gallery and currently has work at the Museum of NW Art Store.

“In my work, the process is most important. Rather than beginning with a concept in mind, I play with the clay and watch as the sculpture takes shape in my hands, intuitively responding to her and even being guided by her. As each sculpture emerges, I feel as if I am simply a conduit that allows her to step forth to tell her tale, often one with roots in our connection to the natural world and archetypal story.
Viewers often have differing interpretations of my work, but that simply adds patina to the pieces. I create from a deep place inside and only hope my work will touch others deeply as well.”


Exhibits with Maria Wickwire