Lolly Shera


Lolly Shera is a contemporary landscape painter, praised for her evocative, timeless landscapes. Her oil paintings evoke a contemplative quality, awakening a sense of place that is both mysterious, yet familiar. Lolly’s inspiration draws upon the works of the late 19th c. American Tonalism movement, and, just like the early masters, Lolly uses her field sketches and memory to create a poetic response to the subtle beauty and peaceful rhythms of nature. The luminous surface of her paintings is derived from applying many layers of transparent and translucent paint. Through her work, it is Lolly’s goal to engage the viewer in a conversation about their own memories and experiences in nature.

Lolly has received formal training in the figure, still-life and landscape. She has been fortunate to study with some of the leading contemporary artists of the day, including Robert Liberace, David Leffel and Scott Christensen.  She was a member of the first graduating class of the three year classical painting and drawing atelier at Georgetown Atelier, studying under award-winning artist, Tenaya Sims.  In addition, she completed the rigorous Landscape Atelier program, studying under master artist, Deborah Paris.

Recent accomplishments for 2021: inclusion in the Annual Painting, Sculpture & Graphics Open Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in NYC, as well as the 2021 OPA Salon Exhibition of Traditional Oils at the Quinlain Visual Arts Center in Gainsville, GA.  In 2020, Ms. Shera was included in the American Tonalist Society’s “Best In Tonalism 2020” International Juried Exhibition, and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society’s “2020 Best of America” Juried Show.  It was a busy year, despite the Covid pandemic, as Lolly also completed a Solo exhibition for the City of Snoqualmie, WA.  In 2019, Lolly’s landscape drawings were published in two books;  “The Essential Techniques of Landscape Drawing”, by Suzanne Broker, Watson-Guptill, and, “The History of the Deschutes Club”, an organization dedicated to land conservation and protection of the Deschutes River, OR. In 2016, Lolly completed a Solo exhibition at the Clymer Museum in Ellensburg, WA.  Lolly’s art work has also been shown on the Animal Planet television network as part of the “Treehouse Master’s” show.

A native of Washington state, Lolly, and her husband, Peter, enjoy the outdoors together, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing and back country skiing.  Lolly is represented by Gallery Mack in Seattle, WA and ARTERRA, Inc.  Her work may be found in private collections throughout the United States.

The true end of art is not to imitate fixed material condition, but to represent living emotion.” by George Inness.



I am a painter because it brings me to life and causes a revolution in my heart. The act of creating a painting takes me out of ordinary time and puts me into a state of present moment awareness.  I am free to bypass the thinking mind and go to a place where I find the Creator in me. By awakening my imagination and drawing upon my own life experience, I am able to take a journey where forms and meaning are intertwined.

The act of  painting gives me joy on so many different levels. Some paintings practically paint themselves and others are difficult from the get go.  I try to keep the critique mind in the background during the process.  Being in my imagination allows the alchemy to occur inside my being. No matter how much pre-planning goes into it, the painting eventually speaks with a voice of its own. I work to create paintings for the inspiration of others.

I do not subscribe to painting exactly what I see.  Instead, I try to feel the mood that nature reflects and I draw upon my memory to make a painting, knowing that the details will be sifted out and I will access only the essential elements of the experience. Painting plugs me into the creative force and it pushes me to the frontiers of the beautiful and unexpected.  Being outdoors I feel connected to nature’s universal message, that we are all at the very edge of a great Truth.  We need only to step into a field or take a simple hike to experience Her restorative powers.  May I share my work with gratitude.