Jen Fuller

Walking through the historical gardens of the
Pacific North West, we simultaneously hold
space for the past and our own present
moment. We can rest our hands on the same
foliage today that slept for hundreds of years in
the gardens of our grandmothers, our countries

and in the forests of our ancestors. Jen Fuller’s
kiln-formed glass leaves embody the
interconnectedness of history and humanity, of
nurture and nature. Each piece in this series is
originally sourced from a historical space,
molded in plaster, then tenderly recreated in
glass one layer of colored powder glass at a
time. Each Botanical honors the sacred roots of
the Garden; the intentional moments they were
hand picked and transformed into glass by the
artist; and the instant you felt your connection to
it all.

Portland based installation artist, Jen Fuller,
has been constructing ephemeral glass, steel,
and light experiences around the United States
for over 10 years. As a self-taught artist, Fuller
found her passion rooted in the traditional
techniques of kiln-

formed glass, Raku, and industrial welding. Her
art reflects the delicate vulnerability and eternal
interconnectedness of nature and humanity.
Fuller’s work has been commissioned by Metro
Regional Government, Ovation TV, Lan Su
Chinese Garden, OMSI, and private collectors
around the world.