Jan Hoy

In both small scale and large-scale public work my artistic intent is to create forms that are deeply personal and yet communicate universally. I work to make art that will draw the viewer in, to engage and linger upon it. The forms are abstract and yet rooted in nature. Their simplicity is an abstraction of more complex shapes. For me, once a form is at its essence it has a sense of completion. Some of the forms feel intimate and they remain small scale. Others have a sense that size is limitless and they could easily create their own environment for people to walk under, around or through. All my work starts in water-based clay. Some forms are finished as fired clay, others are used as a model to take a mold and cast in bronze, and yet others are used as prototypes to scale up and fabricate in bronze or Cor-Ten steel. I find all of these materials, processes and evolution’s endlessly fascinating.


Exhibits with Jan Hoy

SmithVallee Exhibit postcard HartJames JanHoy
APR 5 - APR 28 | 2019

Hart James presents her first major exhibition at Smith & Vallee, with abstract oil and charcoal paintings that speak to the energy and power of the natural world. Jan Hoy returns to Smith & Vallee Gallery with her deceptively simple, yet extraordinarily elegant and complex sculptures. The work of these two artists, on one level may seem quite different, however, there are many connections that bind the two. They are interpreting the natural world through the lens of abstraction, using earth-toned pallets with a palpable reverence for the intrinsic beauty of our world.