James Ellingboe

I build things. For as long as I can remember, I have always built things…

James Ellingboe is a sculptor with extensive experience in giving form to the built environment. His sculptural works are primarily direct in nature and are often abstract manifestations inspired by math, science, and his life experience with the natural world. He often looks to the human body at the cellular and molecular level as an artistic muse. Currently his work is of two veins, the first of which examines opposing elements, namely the interplay between positive and negative space, and light and shadow. The second vein is realized as bio-mimetic assemblages of eviscerated, inanimate, industrial materials…a sort of Re-evolution.

In all of his works, James seeks to imbue the philosophy of Christopher Alexander’s “Phenomenon of Life” which he was introduced to as an undergraduate. James also hopes that through his sculpture he is able to pique the viewer’s interest and curiosity, countering societal pressures through moments of repose. James is a firm believer of artist as master of their medium, and thus fabricates his own work at the studios of the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle. He produces highly crafted objects, reflecting what he refers to as the “art of the hand”, and being a life-learner, he is constantly seeking new ways to manipulate materials in order to give form to his ideas. He considers himself to be both self-taught in the discipline of sculpture, and educated by the fellow artists he works, studies, and teaches with at the Pratt Fine Arts Center.