Kat Houseman

KatStudios is the work of Kat Houseman, currently based in Bellingham WA. She was born in Great Falls MT, where she was introduced to painting and western art, frequenting the C.M. Russell Museum. Kat moved to Bozeman MT in 2001 were she received a Bachelors Degree in Studio Fine Arts with focus in painting from Montana State University. She then spent six years living and working in Bellingham WA, frequenting the contemporary art scene in Seattle WA. In 2014 she lived in Missoula MT for the year, where she married her long time partner Corey Urlacher and got a dose of Montana before moving back to the Pacific Northwest.  With influence from western art and the academic art world her work crosses both fences. Kat works in Oil and Acrylic paint. The color pallet is often bright, vivid and rich. She primarily paints mammal and avian species, in portrait like compositions and occasionally landscapes