Heidi Farina

Heidi Farina is a professional landscape artist, based out of Seattle, WA.

My art is inspired by Pacific Northwest landscapes: mountains, forests, and sea. I began University majoring in Fine Art, focusing on Oil Painting and Sculpture. After moving from Ohio to Wyoming, pulled towards two different passions, I majored in Ecology and minored in Fine Art, while teaching snowboarding in Colorado every weekend. While I ended up in Ecology/ Genetics as a full time career for 15 years, my love of art continued and meshed well with my love of mountain state ecology and adventure sports. In the past 15 years I have moved from WY to CA to WA, with mountain and ocean terrain guiding my activities and shaping my inspiration source along the way. Eventually that inspiration led me full circle, to a full time art career.

Whether I am hiking miles to see a glacier, riding fresh powder on the tallest mountain peaks, or kayaking in the Salish Sea, I always leave each activity reminded of how small we are in the world’s ecosystem and how precious these places are. These experiences and feelings are what inspires my art; that feeling of awe and reverence for the environment we have in the Pacific Northwest.