Evelyn Woods

Evelyn Woods is a painter. She attended Central Washington University, graduating in 1979 and completed graduate work in 1993 at the University of Washington. She was born in New Orleans and grew up in New York, Virginia, Texas and Florida as a Navy brat until settling in the Seattle area in 1970. Her home and studio are located on Whidbey Island. She has had solo exhibitions at Prographica Gallery, Davidson Galleries and the Woodside Braseth Gallery in Seattle.

“My work represents a personal dialogue expressed in the act of painting or drawing . Whether I’m working in oils or charcoal, from the natural world, or arranging objects set into a still life, my intention is to reveal the essence of form. As I work to expose the underlying truth of the forms, I reveal my own emotional connection to the subject.

The tree portraits reflect a lifetime of observing and appreciating the unique histories and forms of trunk and limb, leaf and branch. By painting them as one would a person, I seek out the inherent nature of each tree, separate from the surrounding landscape. I reveal their blemishes and beauties, their scars and curving limbs, and in doing so attempt to capture and exhibit the distinct personalities that lie within.” -Evelyn Woods