Aaron Loveitt

I live and work close to the land, exploring the magic in nature’s design.
Through my work, I aim to uncover the interconnected relationships
within our environment and where our human culture fits into this
unfolding narrative. My sculptures are moments of understanding
expressed in a maker’s dance with a material, and with luck a unique
perspective of our place within this world is discovered.
Originally from Vermont State, I received a BFA from Alfred University in
2001 and subsequently moved to the Pacific Northwest. Coincidentally,
one of my first jobs was working at Savoy Studios in Portland OR with
Becky Fletcher, and although we’ve only recently reconnected I
specifically recall her descriptions of the Magic Skagit over twenty years
ago. My life and practice have landed me just a few miles away on
Blanchard Mountain, home of Canopy Art & Iron where I focus on
sculpture and commissioned metalwork as well as Canopy Gallery that
showcases experimental exhibitions in conjunction with community