Ann Morris | Bronze, Boats & Shadows
08/04/2017 - 08/27/2017
ARTISTS RECEPTION: Saturday, August 5, 2017 (5-8PM)

Artist Talk: Saturday, August 26, 2017 (4-5PM)

''After my show at the Museum of Northwest Art with Mary Henry in 2001, I realized my large figuration work was complete. I began to make smaller bronzes using boat and bone forms. I have always been fascinated with bones. They are forms which grow. Bones are given their shape by the forces of each individual life and support it, but their beauty is invisible until after death. They are the synthesis of life’s function and form, death’s architectural remains. Vessels or boats are expressive of journey. They are pod like, suggesting nature’s verdant growth. They float. They shape and are shaped by water – life’s principal ingredient. Combining bones and boats became for me a Bone Journey, a symbol of our own journey through Nature and Time. Each of our journeys is one of life and death. These bronze vessels are its echo. In 2010 I had finished my expression in bronze and moved on to making my “Crossing” series. These boats are made with vegetation, gathered on my walks and travels over the years, ending up on the shelves of my studio. Cane, twigs, wasp nest paper, seaweed formed together become air filled boats that can be seen through, hung or balanced on a finger. All these boats are made on the same jig, but each assumes a unique form dictated by its individual materials. Each has a life of its own, time changing its color, twisting its shape, asserting its graceful age. For me, these boats are like personalities – funereal boats of life’s moods, shaped to glide easily into the next realm. They carry traces of life around me floating off into a new dimension. And for this show, I have captured the shadows of these Crossings boats, and only the shadow remains.''

Top Image: Ann Morris, ‘Raven Bowl’, 2004, Bronze, 23"x5.5"x5.5"
Bottom Image: Ann Morris, ‘Blue Stocking’, Ocean spray, netting, Siberian Iris petals and stems, beads, sinew, 42”

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